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San Pedro cactus (Trichocereus pachanoi & Trichocreus peruvianus), also called  wachuma is a powerful visionary teacher plant of the Andes, from the north Argentina and Chile to Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

It has been used since ancient times. In the north of Peru there is a carving showing a mythological being holding a San Pedro which is 3,500 years old. (Chavin de Huantar). The main alkaloid in the San Pedro cactus is mescaline, as in the mexican cactus “peyote” (Lophophora williansii). Today it is best known by it’s spanish name “San Pedro”, (who holds the keys to the Gates of Heaven). Is very popular today between the peruvian people who grow this beautiful cactus in front of their houses as “protection” against “bad spirits”.

Wachuma give us the gift of reconnecting to the Earth, Pachamama. Is very important to take this medicine in a natural space, safe and calm. The experience with wachuma is the opportunity to stay, listening around and stopping our judgements and enjoying the simplicity of being.

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